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by brzytwa, golia, asher

This album was improvised by MaryClare Brzytwa and Vinny Golia over the course of several studio visits experimenting with multi-track listening possibilities for overdubs and organized improvisation.  After the performance phase analysis tools were used to identify "mistakes" in the performance. Since the tools are designed to interpret the music's success or failure based solely on their limited capacity to "listen" in a tonal and rhythmic context, the decisions made by the computer as to which "mistakes" to fix resulted in a plethora of interesting artifacts related to pitch and time. Justin Asher and MaryClare Brzytwa subsequently reorganized the content into pieces designed to highlight and support the artifacts and the choices made by the stupid computer who identified mistakes where there were none. The computer had no taste.  Silly computer…….


1. MaryClare Solo

2. Mike Tyson's Pigeons

3. Occupy Bom Bom

4. Tropistic Unity

5. Enumerated and Cultivated

6. Adriatic

7. Minority Whip